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A ChangeLab is a participatory approach towards developing flourishing organisations and places. As an approach, it isn’t too hard to grasp. It can be stated simply. Bring together a diverse, committed team in a few sessions. Support them in shaping their purpose, identity, strategy and capacity. Drivers for change.

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Our mettle is being radically stress-tested now. What used to be hypothetical – 'What if our world was dramatically altered?' – have become today’s realities. The global pandemic is just one of a number of social, economic and technological shocks that are creating internal whiplash for organisations and cities of every stripe and size.

In a rapidly shifting environment, leaders and managers must revitalise their organisations and communities. I support them with ChangeLabs. Assuring a significant acceleration in shaping their purpose, identity, strategy, and capacity. Because that brings about the much-needed change.

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A ChangeLab is a participatory approach in which a team works closely together. The approach blends 'systemic design', the 'wisdom of crowds' and the 'art of hosting'. This speeds up the redesign of the essentials: purpose, identity, strategy, and capacity. My role is to guide and facilitate.

There are six different types of ChangeLabs in which teams will shape their future. Each lab serves a certain purpose and delivers a specific outcome. ChangeLabs can take place on-site, online, or in a hybrid setting. Inspiring environments, as well as cutting-edge tools, aid in enriching and deepening the co-creation process.

About approach


I work with clients from the Netherlands and other countries through ChangeLabs. A mixture of non-profit and for-profit organisations, as well as urban places.

Non-profit: Ministerie van Defensie, Politie Academie, BISc, BiblioNet, Natuurmonumenten, SPA, Gemeente Zaanstad, Gemeente Nijmegen, Gemeente Zwolle, Unie van Waterschappen, St. Josephscholen, Avans hogeschool, Windesheim hogeschool, Landstede, GIZ, Haag Wonen, Nijestee, Eigen Haard, Waterschap Friesland, Zorggroep Oktober, Tjallingahiem, Mee, Rijkswaterstaat.

ProfitBetaalvereniging Nederland, Shell, Boomsma Shipping, Bayer, Roche diagnostics, Cadmatic, Aegon, Sun Alliance, VVAA, Transavia, Selikor, Nordea Bank, Airbus, Colruyt, PX, MCL, Korys, MenaBev, Transmed, AON.

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