Fast-Track to Future-Fit

Developing thriving organisations and places

A ChangeLab is a participatory approach towards developing thriving organisations and places. As an approach, it isn’t too hard to grasp. It can be stated simply. Bring together a diverse, committed team in a few sessions. Support them in shaping their purpose, identity, strategy and capacity. The forces that propel change.

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Accelerate Change

The world is facing numerous social, economic, and technological shocks, and organisations and communities of every size are being drastically affected. Leaders and managers must find ways to revitalise their organisations and places in this rapidly changing environment.

ChangeLabs offers a co-creation approach to accelerate the shaping of the purpose, identity, strategy, and capacity of organisations and communities. These labs are designed to help teams to accelerate change.

With ChangeLab, my role is to assist organisations and places in revitalising themselves by providing the necessary approach and tools. By utilising ChangeLabs, teams shape their organisation's purpose, identity, strategy, and capacity quickly, becoming fit-for-future.


Photography by ChangeLabs

More about the Labs

Photography by ChangeLabs

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Inspire People

ChangeLabs collaborates with clients from both the Netherlands and other countries. Clients come from a range of backgrounds, including non-profit and for-profit organisations, as well as urban areas.

Non-profit: Ministerie van Defensie, Politie Academie, BISc, BiblioNet, Natuurmonumenten, SPA, Gemeente Zaanstad, Gemeente Nijmegen, Gemeente Zwolle, Unie van Waterschappen, St. Josephscholen, Avans hogeschool, Windesheim hogeschool, Landstede, GIZ, Haag Wonen, Nijestee, Eigen Haard, Waterschap Friesland, Zorggroep Oktober, Tjallingahiem, Mee, Rijkswaterstaat.

ProfitBoomsma Shipping, Roche diagnostics, Cadmatic, Aegon, Sun Alliance, VVAA, Transavia, Selikor, Nordea Bank, Airbus, Colruyt, PX, MCL, Korys, MenaBev, Transmed, AON.