About ChangeLabs

I work with leaders and managers shaping fit-for-future and flourishing organisations and places. I guide and facilitate their teams. That is something I do differently than others. With ChangeLabs, I assure a significant acceleration in the development of their essentials: purpose, identity, strategy, and capacity. Because it brings about the much-needed change.

A ChangeLab is a collaborative approach in which a team works closely together. The approach blends 'systemic design', the 'wisdom of crowds' and the 'art of hosting'. This enriches and deepens the co-creation process.

My LinkedIn profile contains additional information about my projects, craftsmanship, and activities.


In the field of organisational and place development, ChangeLabs is collaborating with several cutting-edge partners:


Rik has been facilitating workshops for our management team for more than 10 years, aimed at developing vision, strategy, and team and organisational development. His well designed workshops, with innovative, appropriate, and inspiring methods, are aimed at a collective outcome and are designed in co-creation with me as client.
Jan drenth Directeur
I have experienced Rik as a pleasant, calm, reliable, structured, and interested person. Rik helped us very well in our culture change trajectory, where he guided various teams in making and living our core values. As a facilitator, he is able to structure and co-create the desired outcomes in an inspiring way.

Rik is very good at ensuring that diverse groups of people work together. Creating the right balance of creativity, tight planning, relaxation and hard work in both order and chaos. Rik knows how to convert the energy from the group into tangible results by adapting to various situations. The work is also perceived as fun. 
Eigen Haard