Think Better - Think Systems

Complex systems, such as organisations, and urban spaces, differ fundamentally from complicated and simple systems. Changing these systems requires the use of a set of system-based design principles and methods that are compatible with the dynamic characteristics of organisations and communities.



Five design principles help facilitate the Change Lab sessions.

  • Integrated: offer an integrated approach that considers all relevant factors.
  • Outside-in: approach problems from the outside in, involving users in the co-creation of insights and interventions.
  • Sustainable: design circular and sustainable organisations and places throughout their entire life cycle.
  • Connected: design organisations and places that are connected, accessible, and integrated.
  • Open: develop organisations and communities that add value to the ecosystem in which they operate.



The following methods are applied in the ChangeLabs: easy and practical.

A list of methods used at different stages in the ChangeLabs. All focused on the co-creation process  with participants and stakeholders.