Amazing Frameworks and Tools

ChangeLabs designs practical frameworks and tools based on research and the experiences and reflections of clients. These frameworks and tools have empowered over 100 organisational and municipal improvements. The development is a collaborative effort between universities, organisations, and practitioners. The collaborations ensure that the tools are practical and effective, enabling significant acceleration of desired outcomes within the various ChangeLabs.

The materials are available in both English and Dutch, making them accessible to a wider audience. The frameworks and tools have produced remarkable results, empowering organisations and communities to improve and thrive. By leveraging the research and practical tools, teams can better understand how to create positive change in their value creation.


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VucaCanvas is a framework and  tool that assists organisations in developing capacity to deal with complexity and uncertainty.


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ValueMaps are unique profiles representing the collective identity and shared values of organisations and communities.


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UrbanSpaces is a framework, canvases, and online tool for the dynamic development of urban spaces.