ValueMaps: One-Day Training and Tool

What is Valuemaps Training?

Developing a thriving culture begins with understanding the significance of collective identity and shared values. At the Valuemaps training, I provide a transformative learning experience that equips change makers, managers and practitioners with the tools and knowledge needed to unlock the potential of teams, organisations and urban places.

The Valuemaps training is a comprehensive program designed to empower practitioners in harnessing the power of collective identity and shared values. The one-day certification training equips participants with the skills and insights to effectively utilise the Valuemaps tool, enabling them to facilitate meaningful dialogue, uncover hidden dynamics, and drive positive change within teams, organisations and communities.

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With this certification training, you'll learn how to:
  • Understanding Collective Identity: Explore the concept of collective identity and how it shapes team dynamics and cultures.
  • Uncovering Shared Values: Learn how to facilitate exercises and discussions that reveal the shared values of teams, organisations and places.
  • Utilising the Valuemaps Tool: Master the application of the Valuemaps tool, a powerful application that visualises collective identity and shared values in a matrix format.
  • Facilitating Meaningful Dialogue: Acquire facilitation skills to guide participants through interactive workshops that foster deeper understanding and alignment.
  • Driving Positive Change: Learn how to leverage collective identity and shared values to make informed decisions, strengthen culture, and attract like-minded individuals.

Why Choose Valuemaps Training?
  • Expertise: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of the trainer, who is both the creator and designer of the Valuemaps tool and training program.
  • Proven Results: Valuemaps training is built on over 15 years of research, analysis, and practical application, delivering rapid and lasting impact.
  • Global Support: Join a thriving international community of practitioners and gain access to ongoing support and resources.
  • Practical Application: the Valuemaps training equips you with the tools and skills to immediately apply the knowledge gained in your work with teams, organisations and places.

Unlock the potential of collective identity and shared values with a Valuemaps Training. Take the first step in transforming your approach to organisational and urban development. Join us for Valuemaps training and become a certified practitioner equipped to drive meaningful transformation and unlock the true potential of teams and organisations. Contact me to learn more and secure your place in our upcoming training session.


Date: Friday August 18, 2023

Time: 10 am - 16 pm

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Price: € 490 no VAT

Size: limited to 8 participants

Certification: lifelong (no yearly costs)

Projects: includes one free ValueMap

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