The ultimate VUCA learning experience Part 2
Embarking on a hiking expedition in the majestic Dolomites, a group of adventurers gathered at their cozy hut situated at an impressive altitude of 1750 meters. With a slight chill in the evening air, the stage was set for an unforgettable journey. Let us delve into the captivating tale of Florian, Zarina, Leila, Rik, Eliana, Daniel, Siyana, Emilia, Louisa, Anapaula, Loise, and Ines as they ventured into the enchanting world of the mountains. Enjoying and learning how to thrive in a world full of surprises.
The Ultimate Learning Experience

As I promised in one of my previous blogs, I am happy to share a brief summary of our incredible hiking experience. I hope you will find joy in reading about our adventures and exploring the captivating pictures that accompany our journey. What a journey!

Monday: Setting the Stage

As the group settled into their mountain hut, their excitement mingled with the frosty temperatures. Despite the cold, spirits were high as they gathered for a communal meal lovingly prepared by some of the talented members. Their nourishing food would prove vital for the upcoming snow-laden challenges that awaited them. The afternoon was spent fine-tuning their collective capabilities, preparing for the journey ahead.

Tuesday: A Thrilling Start

The group began their day by assessing the VucaCanas, a measure of their capabilities that would guide them throughout the week. Energised and united, they embarked on their first hike, encountering both smooth paths and tricky snowy slopes. Amidst the adventure, Zarina suffered a minor injury, but quick thinking and the soothing touch of ice and snow provided relief. Guiding them with expertise and kindness, Florian ensured the group's safety and well-being. Later, they were captivated by Julian, an expert in hunting, fishing, beekeeping, and the forest, who shared fascinating insights about the Dolomites and the rich history of the alpine region. The day concluded with a heartwarming bonfire, where good food and camaraderie gave birth to a new song.

Wednesday: Exploring Italian Delights

The day started with a delicious and energising breakfast, setting the tone for another adventure-filled day. Descending from the mountains, the group visited an a local bakery, indulging in traditional handmade "Schuttel brot". Immersed in Italian hospitality, they were treated to a delightful spread of wine, juice, cheese, meat, and greens. The visit continued to a coffee brander, where they learned intriguing coffee myths from their knowledgeable guide. Afterward, they enjoyed the serenity of a beautiful lake, while Rik embarked on a short hike in search of Apfelstrudel. Once again, a lively bonfire illuminated their evening, reminding them of the joys and challenges of toasting marshmallows.

Thursday: Sticky Notes and Snowy Trials

Bathed in pleasant weather, the group enriched their hut with numerous sticky notes, each representing a personal experience related to the VucaCanvas capacities. Reflection and discussion fueled their growth as they tackled a demanding hike. The path became obscured by deep snow, and some members realised they were ill-prepared in terms of footwear. A pivotal moment arose, prompting a decision to forge ahead or retreat. Eventually, they triumphed and reached a serene resting spot, enjoying their cookies and replenishing their spirits. The evening welcomed giant pizzas from a local bakery and four bottles of Italian wine, a delightful treat secured by Florian and his trail-running friend Fabian.

Friday: Reflection and Farewell

The sun illuminated the final morning, as the group gathered to reflect upon their VucaCanvas capacities. The collective conclusion was unanimous: their teamwork and camaraderie thrived even in the heart of the mountains. Laughter, incredible energy, and meaningful conversations became the hallmarks of their journey. With a bittersweet farewell, they bid adieu to a life.


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